Wii Remote Control Stopped Working


I have a new problem with my wii remote it stopped sending signals, the light works by the remote seem to have no effect. I have new batteries and until now everything worked fine, I have my Wii console for 3 months.


  1. The problem where the lights would flash on and then go off happened to me also.

    I pressed the 'sync' button on the wii remote and the red 'sync' button on the console at the same time for about 10 seconds. Let go of the buttons and then the lights should flash and light 1 on the remote came up!!!
  2. My Wii controller was jammed like everyone else's. I could navigate the menu but could not swing or bowl or play any of the games. I gave the controller a hard flick... almost like you are cracking a bullwhip. I did it on all 4 sides of the controller to be safe since you don"t know how the accelerometer is jammed up. I also resynced the controller just to be safe. Presto... back in business.
  3. Disconnect the power cord and put it back in again. Worked A Treat!
  4. Yea, I followed the Instructions by Nintendo...I unplugged my Wii's power cord and then re-synced my remotes...no problem and I saved myself about $80.00
  5. Check your sensorbar, take a digital camera or a celphone camera and look at it while the wii is on, if you see some light dots the sensor bar is working fine if not, your remote is probably broken.
    Your remote seems to be allright cause the lights your mentioning i take it is the small leds on the remote.
    The sensor bar simply outputs IR(infra red)light which is caught by the remote and then the remote talks back tothe wii via bluetooth.
    If the sensor bar is busted don´t worry, ican help you there too.
    If so wirte me and i will explain it too you..
  6. what appears to have happened is the sensor within the mote has dislodged and been moved out of alignment the smacking both sides works but its only a stop gap solution, you need to open up the mote and tac some solder onto the connections, this will prevent it from going out again, also check the sensor bar is not loose as the cable from the sensor bar can sometimes become loose if it's moved around a lot.